I love my life.

My name is Jaycie Voorhees, and I am a native of Salt Lake City, Utah. As a kid, I begged my mom to let me take piano lessons. She finally succumbed when I was 8 years old and I would play for hours, often straying from the notes on the page to play the notes of my own story. My love for music continued through junior high and high school, then, combined with my genuine love for people, led me to the field of music therapy. I received my undergraduate degree in music therapy from Utah State University in 2007, then my master’s degree from Colorado State University in 2011. I built my company, Harmony Music Therapy, to serve individuals with special needs and mental health challenges, and it is now the largest employer of music therapists in the state of Utah.

 For now, that learning begins in our own home and neighborhood. For years I dedicated all of my energy to the three most important things in my life: My husband, my four children, and my business. I have many passions and desires, but my greatest endeavor, and hopefully greatest accomplishment, is providing a safe and loving home for my family. On any given day it may look like I’m failing, but I am learning that it’s not about always getting it right, it’s about having the desire to love. So I let my true desire be my refuge, knowing that my intent is to love even if my actions don’t always reflect that desire.

My greatest desire in life is to reflect divine love back to every person I meet. My hope is that my work, whether it be as an entrepreneur, a mother, a music therapist, or an author, will help others, including myself, to sense and believe in our value, and I want to find a way to mirror it back; not just for my family, but for all people I have the privilege to meet.

One of my life goals for our family is to travel the world together. I want to take off for months at a time, show our kids that people live in all kinds of different ways, and that, despite our differences, we are all one human family. I dream of taking them to Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe, not just to see the sights, but to embrace the people.

Before Nick and I had kids, we did jungle treks in Indonesia, built adobe homes in Mexico, and rode zip lines in Costa Rica. Now, our version of high adventure includes Disneyland, Yellowstone, and that one time we drove a motorhome to Bryce Canyon National Park in 18 degrees, and the furnace shut down at midnight. We ended up with ice coating the inside of the windows as I paced back and forth with a screaming infant, logging 4,000 steps in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the other kids didn’t seem to mind.