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Your Profile: The Relationship Builder

You spend most of your mental energy focused on relationships in your life.


This focus may be on the needs of your family, the struggles of a friend, or enjoying social engagements with the people closest to you. You have a genuine and inspiring love for others, and people seem to gravitate to you for support, friendship, and connection. You are a light to the world! Because you are a relationship builder, odds are that you feel the need to be a solution for other people, and you are genuinely concerned about others well-being.


The challenge for the Relationship Builder is that you may often feel drained by the role you play in so many people’s lives. People seem to come to you for help on a regular basis, and you struggle to say no. Your genuine love for others can make it difficult to realize your own needs, and it may leave you feeling drained, depleted, and wishing you could just have some time to yourself. 


The task for the Relationship Builder is to take regular time for introspection: to see who you are independent of the people around you. What do you want out of life? What work do you feel called to do? What is your relationship with God? Through introspection you will feel more centered, clear on who you are need to serve, and focused on the direction you want to go in life.


What’s the Next Step?

You have taken an important step in discovering what is taking up space in your mind. 

If you signed up to go through this audit, odds are you feel that your mind is cluttered and craving space. While the results of this audit will show you what it is that is taking up the space, it doesn’t yet show you what to do about it.

The ideal next step is to begin to open up space for what you want most out of life.

You may have found some areas in the audit that you might be neglecting. This might be work, spirituality, personal interests, or social/family needs. Whatever it is for you, your present peace and joy is dependent on including all of these areas in your life NOW.

You don’t need to wait to live a full and joyful life. You can do it today!

The question is how??

That’s where I’d like to help 🙂

The next step is to download the free Zen Mind Roadmap. If you are ready to take all of that clutter in your mind and sort it, prioritize it, and make sure you’re including spirituality, social/family needs, and personal interests in your weekly schedule, this tool will get you there.

With this step by step guide, you will...

–> Gain clarity on what’s taking up the most space in your mind right now (and what to do about it!)

–> Discover how to create space for what you really want out of life

–> Discover roadblocks that are keeping you from feeling daily peace

–> Identify your top priorities and make a plan to act on them today

About Me

Hi, I’m Jaycie Voorhees, Music Therapist and Business Life Coach. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and am “one of those people” who absolutely loves the work that I do. Imagine that!

My natural energy and zest for life has enabled me to accomplish so many life dreams, including running a successful therapy practice, raising 4 children, and traveling with my family. However, my constant drive for achievement has often left me overwhelmed and burned out in the process of growth.

Through a great deal of introspection, personal work, and practical application, I am grateful to say that I have learned how to maintain my energy and zeal, while also enjoying the simple joy and breathtaking awe that is alive in every step of my journey.

My passion now is helping other female entrepreneurs achieve the same place of peace, clarity, and true joy as they pursue their dreams and live the life they love.

What People Are Saying…

“Jaycie has excellent words of advice and experience that I value tremendously. She believes and practices the principle of abundance and I feel this in her approach to coaching. Thank you Jaycie for your motivation and making me feel like I can do anything!

–Heather Overly

“I find Jaycie to be an extremely positive, yet practical, person. I appreciate her ability to cut to the point or the root of what needs to happen and help establish attainable action steps to get to the end goal.”

–Darcy Smith

“I like your open style of coaching. I enjoyed finding the answers myself with your help, guided by you. I enjoyed how you organized it and structured it to set me up for success. It definitely gave me a boost of confidence.” 

–Mabel Ortiz

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